Hello, this email will affect your booking if it is after March 26th, 2020.  Please review this information and make your best decision.  


Firstly, thank you for booking with me and all of the support over the years.  I just wanted to reach out and let everyone know that I am adjusting my booking guidelines in order to obtain better balance in both work and life.


1.) Portfolio Work, Portraits and Realism ONLY - Over the years my hands have been breaking down due to fitting small tattoos between larger sessions.  I will be setting a time limit on my hands per week.  My new time limits will be best spent on portfolio work.


2.) $600 / 3-hour Minimum - From now on I will be working on pieces that take at least 3 hours.  If the tattoo is less than 3 hours the price will still be $600.


3.) No price estimates - You can book by the session and we will do as much as we can.  I cannot stay under a budget while creating the best tattoo possible


4.) New Rates - I tend to tattoo more efficiently than other artists in the area that make a similar quality. I will only be booking by the session.


1/2 Session ($600-$1000)

Full Session ($1000-2000)




These new booking policies are effective as of March 26, 2020 and will be in place during all future sessions.  Please respond to this so we can find a solution that works for you.


Option 1 : We will come up with a design that fits the criteria above for your tattoo session.


Option 2 : We can cancel your upcoming appointment and refund your deposit if you made one.


Please understand that this has been a hard decision to make but it must be done as i grow into the next stages of my professional career.  Thank you so much.


Tattoo Curt



New Booking Guidelines