It is very important that you take good care of your tattoo during the healing process.  Your tattoo artist is not responsible for any issues that occur as a result of poor aftercare.  In order to ensure proper aftercare you must follow these instructions.


Your artist will provide an aftercare adhesive bandage called RecoveryDerm.  This product should remain on for 4-7 days.  Leaving the bandage on for a minimum of 4 days will allow the tattoo to heal up underneath the bandage enough to take it off.  7 days is recommended if possible because it will allow for the most healing efficiency.


The most effective way to remove your RecoveryDerm bandage is in the shower.  Allow water to warm up the adhesive of the wrap and run under the wrap while you remove the bandage.


Follow these instructions whether you are able to keep the bandage on for the full term or not.

Once you remove the bandage there will be certain parts of your tattoo that remain open. It is important to follow these steps for one week after bandage removal.

1.) Keep the tattoo clean and avoid letting people and object touch your tattoo.

2.) Use a dye-free unscented lotion to combat dryness.  No petroleum products.  Recommended: Tattoo Curt's Premium Balm

3.) Always use sunblock when you are going to have heavy sun exposure.


It is okay to shower with your new tattoo.  While it is okay to let water run over your tattoo you should avoid submerging the tattoo in for any periods of time.  Submerging your tattoo can cause irritation and damage along with a high chance of infection.

Avoid bathtubs, hot tubs, swimming pools and beaches for 14 days.


After you remove your bandage your skin will be dry and your tattoo will peel.  This peeling skin is dead skin that was replaced buy new skin during the body healing.  There may be small areas that are dry enough to scab.  Apply unscented dye-free lotion or Tattoo Curt's Premium Balm ** DO NOT PICK AT OR PEEL OFF ANY SKIN DURING THIS TIME.  ALLOW YOUR BODY TO HEAL AND FOR THE DEAD SKIN/SCABBING TO FALL OFF ON ITS OWN.

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